Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 1

Not my best work.  Admittedly I was rushing.  It was late. I had to get up for class the next morning; so I put in exactly 30 minutes, and not a second more.  It annoys me that I didn't have more time.  It almost feels like I half-assed it instead of breathing taking it slow and doing it justice.  The rim of the glass has a lot of problems with the shape, the same can be said for the surface of the liquid.  Grrrr...tomorrow better.

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  1. your getting better at showing the direction of the glass. But yeah your shadow and shade needs a lil work. But don't worry, that's kinda how it feels in drawing class too. They will set up something only for 30-40min and you have to just take your time and get what you can. next time don't rush it! you can always get back to it later ;)