Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 8


Out line for the Y is done.  I'm not sure about ending the word with a plain black letter, but the style of the letter seems to me to be type font-ish so it seemed a decent choice.  I wish the edge had come out a bit cleaner, but it'll be OK.

July 7

Still going along with the scarf.  It feels like I never get very far with this when I work on it.  I feel like I sit there and go along and then I I look and I haven't really done anything.

July 6

Still in love with the flowers.

July 5

The rose is my favorite for sure.  The hosta flower is nice, I just like how the detailing came out better on the rose.  It's getting harder to find flowers in the area.  Most of the late spring/early summer blooms are past their prime.  There are a lot of lilies in the area though that are just waiting to burst open.  We'll have to see what else I find when I walk around.

July 4

I'm pretty happy with how this letter turned out.  The T has a flat edge in the curve that I wish I had rounded out a bit more.  Overall I think it's good progress.

July 3

I got the T finished and now it's on to the vinework on it.  I think I chose a good green that's not to over the top green.

July 2

Back to embroidery.  I stopped for a bit because I couldn't decide on a color scheme for the T.  I hope it comes out the way I pictured.

July 1

This is the only photo that came out today.  It makes me think of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland screaming, "Who's been painting my roses red!"