Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31

New Years Eve.  Fireworks seem appropriate.  I'm posting this at the last moment, but at least it is up and out there.  Tomorrow I will post a reflection this year.  For now, I'm signing off.

December 30

Tree time.  Not too bad.  I especially like the pine tree.

December 29

What do you know.  I may just finish this yet.

December 28


December 27

More of the background is completed.  I don't think it'll be done by the 31st, but that wasn't really the goal anyways.

December 26

It's done!  I have to finish off that one end, but otherwise it's done.

December 25

SAdly, Christmas is being spent on the couch with a fever and chills.  This was a gift I received last night.  Reading this is sadly the closest I'm getting to being creative.

December 24

Stockinette stitch with a yarn that changes thickness knitted on thin gauge needles.  Oh, and a cat paw.  They're helpful like that.

December 23

All I have left is the white background now.  Let's hope history does not repeat itself.  In the past I get bored with background and it doesn't get finished.

December 22

They're good at looking sad aren't they.  Then you look up and get death from above.

December 21

It looks a little silly, but it's my sleeping kitty.

December 20

Haiku says it all.

December 19

It's not a bad sketch of broccoli, but it's not great.

December 18

I got another few rounds on.  I am a little worried that the sock is going to be huge when it's finished.

December 17

This one is fun and I will probably continue with it.  I made it narrow like the white one.  It's kind of cool how the little puffs knit up.

December 16

All the dark green is finished and part of the light green as well.

December 15

The butterfly is almost finished!  Looks better than I thought it would.  I would've liked it better if the darkest shade had been a shade of orange instead of bright red, but I suppose it'll do.

December 14

Snow!  I haven't had much of a chance to take picture in the snow this year.  I like these the best.  There were several that we ok, but these stood out to me.

December 13

I changed my mind and started on the butterfly.  Managed to get the white and part of the wings filled in.

December 12

Seriously how do people make socks with these.  At some point I will get faster right?  I am honestly hoping for that adjustable loom now because maybe if I can practice with smaller sock I will not be so discouraged.

December 11

The flowers are all done.  I think I'll go for the leaves next.  I'm not sure why but I'm avoiding filling the butterfly wings.

December 10

I tried knitting with a funky textured yarn on large gauge needles.  It was an interesting experiment.  I'm not sure I will keep this going.  In fact I'm pretty sure I'm taking it apart.  Challenging experiment though.

December 9

I added a few more rows onto this.  I think I'm almost finished with it.  I tried it on and it almost hangs to a place I'm ok with.  It was much to short before despite looking like it was very long in all the pictures.

December 8

Hi Stewie!  This is why you shouldn't doodle while watching TV I guess.

December 7

Kind of a wonky snowman huh?  Not sure what's up with the extra line I made on the one branch.  It almost makes it look like there's a ribbon or something dangling off it.

December 6

I didn't get that far on this today.  To be honest, I wasn't really feeling like being creative so even this little bit was a struggle.

December 5

I spent the evening at Lincoln Park Zoo's Zoolights Festival.  More low light photography.  Lots of blurry images.  But among those, I think these came out well.

December 4

Low light photography is so tricky.  One false breath and all you get is blur. 

December 3

It's cold and I'm tired so I am turning my camera on my cats.  It takes an annoying amount of shots to catch one or two good photos.

December 2

My progress on the needlepoint piece.  I don't think I will be spending much time in the studio.  With the cats I have to keep the door closed.  There is no radiator.  It is simply too cold to work in there.  This will mean more needlework, knitting, sketching until the weather warms up.

December 1

So my creative energy was spent on decorating my apartment today.  I love Christmas lights and usually can't wait to get them up.  My spirit is more than a little lacking this year.  I did get them all up including the tree.  This being my first year having cats at Christmas time (my own anyways I always had cats growing up) it demanded a creative solution for keeping my small tabletop tree upright.  There are two layers of tie downs involved.  I hope it holds.

P.S.  It's been knocked over three times.  Someone keeps chewing through the rope.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

November 30

The blanket.

November 29


November 28

More work with the sock loom.  his think makes me feel clumsy.

November 27

Did a lot of needlepointing today

November 26

It takes me 30 minutes just to go around this thing 3 times.  I'm going to ask for an adjustable one for Christmas so I can maybe practice on a smaller scale.

November 25

I haven't done needlepoint in ages.  It's very soothing in it's repetitiveness.

November 24

My newest toy is a sock loom.  I am frustratingly slow at it.  It takes much more mental energy and focus than I seem to think it should.