Saturday, October 19, 2013

August 31

They're finished!  Well, at the least the knitting part is.  I have to finish off the end and weave them in but that's a quick job.  They fit well.  There are mistakes, but over all I'm very happy with my soft wrist warmers.

August 30

A bowl siting on the table in front of me.  The right side ended up shaped better than the left.  Shading is still difficult for me, but I don't think it's a bad sketch.

August 29

I had a snuggling purring model on my lap for a while.  So I decided to draw his ear.  He left me before I could finish though so here is as far as I got.

August 28

The second wrist warmer is almost done!  I put this project down for a long while.  Not sure why, I just did.  I'm hoping I can still remember how to do the thumb.

August 27

More knitting.  I get annoyed when I realize I've made a mistake, but I don't really feel I should undo it as it's now part of the piece.  Also, undoing it often means undoing several rows. 

August 26

Weaving time.  I miss going to Weave Spa but have not had the time lately.  What that means is I must appease the desire with pot holders.  Not the same, but, one does what one can.

August 25

My creativity this morning was added to that of these ladies (and some not pictured).  We danced at  a farmers market in Logan Square and helped to promote the studio I teach at Arabesque Dance and Fitness.

August 24

Filling in space on embroidery takes a while.  More than I would like.  I often sit down to embroider envisioning how much I'm going to accomplish and always fall short of the goal.  You would think I would be getting better at estimating progress by now.

August 23

Not sure what this is.  I didn't have an idea of what to paint when I sat down.  I'm really having a hard time coming up with inspiration lately.  I'm trying to fight through it, but it's really discouraging.

August 22

My funny kittens
Running through the house like mad
Warm fuzzy feelings.

I tried for an  hour to come up with more, but nothing would come. 

August 21

I found a garden!  It's in the Uptown neighborhood and it was a random find while killing time before a training.  I was so happy to seen bright flowers again.

August 20

This is my first attempts really at any anatomy other than an eye and lips.  This was hard and I'm not entirely happy with it, but I suppose for a first attempts it isn't bad.

August 19

There are not many flowers left and I am missing them.  These were at a park, but the pickings were still pretty slim.

August 18

Didn't get much done today.  The outline of the three is finished.  Wanted to get further, but ran out of time.

August 17

More haikus:
Flailing, floundering
Fighting for direction
What am I doing?

Need to sleep for days
Why does morning come so soon?
Snoring on and on

August 16

Too much work to do
Not feeling like an adult
Not gonna do it

Has now become a struggle
Is it important?

Put through a ringer
All energy has left me
Why is this so hard

August 15

Time to play with oil pastels.  I feel I've done a lot of variations on this scene.  At some point I'll have to go play in the mountains. 

August 14

The "3" is started.  I had a hard time choosing the color.  I second guessed it several times.  I think that the green works though.

August 13

The scarf continues.  It goes all the way around my neck with a good bit of extra at this point.

August 12

Quicky sketch of some embroidery floss.  Low on inspiration lately.