Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11

This is a diffuser in my dining room.  THe sticks didn't come out right, but otherwise I'm happy with it.

August 10


Feel like I am lost
Need to choose a direction
Think I am floundering

General malaise
Got to get out of the house
Gotta clear my head

Trying to have faith
The universe is testing
Things will get better

It's been a rough few weeks.  Between being sick myself and dealing with two sick kittens I've been really struggling.  I know things will get better.  I like that to happen sooner rather than later.

August 9

Painting again.  Inspiration is really low lately.  I have no idea what to paint or draw or write.  That's where things like this come from; sitting down and just trying to do something.

August 8

 Through food poisoning a part of the workshop I was at was to go looking for shadows.  This was the only one of note I found before getting sick and having to go back.

August 7

At a workshop today I got to experiment using oil pastels on different kinds of paper.  The one on the left is using velvet paper.  It was so nice laying down the oil pastels, but the colors were much more difficult to blend.  The other is using a more textured paper.  While the the colors blended easier, the texture made it difficult to lay down a nice solid line.  It was cool to get to experiment with different papers.

August 6

Feeling kind of dark and in the dumps so I guess this makes sense.  The photo didn't come out well though.

August 5

This is the only shot from today that actually came out.  I think my personal focus was a bit off.  I didn't care for framing or exposure on any of them.

August 4

I saw something online a little bot ago.  It was a call for two sentence horror stories.  These aren't great I grant you,  But it is the first time I've tried writing something that wasn't a Haiku.

The sound of her footsteps echoed in the street.  Even though she had stopped. EDIT: The sound of her footsteps echoed in the street.  She had long since stopped walking.

He stared into the mirror.  Nothing stared back.

August 3

More fun with Haiku.  They read:

Sick little kittens
Just want them to get better
Purring on my lap

Tired tired done
Desperate to unload some stress
Need to restore health

Cicadas are loud
To me they serve no purpose
A feast for the birds

August 2

Playing with oil pastels.  Couldn't think of anything to make so I just made weird designs.  I admit it didn't take much to do, but I was really slow on color choices.

August 1

This is a sketch of a antler that I was given.  I'm still rubbish at texture and shading as this shows.  I'm still learning.

July 31

I still like making friendship bracelets.  I don't often feel like doing them, but when I do I do.  There's entire websites for patterns now.  When I learned, I remember hunting for one Klutz book that had a few new ones in it.

July 30

Potholder!  I miss weaving, but I've had neither the time nor the extra money to go lately.  That means I have to make do with weaving potholders.

July 29

My loves.  Adele and Houdini. They're a little sick, but hopefully on the mend now.  It was a little easier getting pictures with my big camera.

July 28

I spent the morning at Lincoln Park Zoo.  I was kicking myself for not bringing my other lens.  The pictures still came out well I think.  It was my first time going to the since my sister moved and the Zoo has strong connection to her for me.  It made the experience kind of bittersweet.

July 27

 One is done!  Still haven't figured out the color for hte three though.  I can't believe that this is almost finished.

July 26

These guys are the newest addition to my family.  Her name is Adele, but I don't know his name yet.  I spent a lot of time taking blurry pictures before I grudgingly turned the flash on.  I hate using the flash.

July 25

The one is underway.  It'll be completely filled in when I'm finished.  Not sure what color the three will be yet.

July 24

Knitting knitting knitting.  Sometimes I want to work on it but it's just too hot.  When I do work on it it's only for a little bit of time.

July 23

Sadly, my hand dragged through a little more than I realized, but I think it came out pretty well.  I'm still intimidated by the thought of doing a whole face, but we'll see what happens.

July 22

Making progress.  I'm starting to wonder what I should embroider next.  I'm wondering if I should design it of go with a pre-made.

July 21

My pencil sharpener.  I chickened out from doing the inside.  It's transparent; I got intimidated.  The rest, I think, is good.

July 20

My first real attempt at any bit of human anatomy.  I'm actually pretty happy with it.  Shading the iris was the hardest.  It's not great, but not bad for a first attempt.

July 19

Added another 2 rows.  It seriously feels like I'm not getting anywhere.  I know it's getting there slowly.

July 18

My guitar controller.  The neck is too short, which I just realized.  Actually it's much too short.  Oh well.

July 17

2 down, 013 to go.  I'm a little worried that it looks more like a cursive letter.  Hopefully, it will look less like a letter once the other numbers are done.

July 16

Quick sketch.  It's an orange slice.  I wish I had taken more time in the shading of the segments.  I really didn't capture the texture well.

July 15

To this point I haven't considered cooking a creative endeavor, but after making this tonight I realized it may just be a faulty decision.  So here is my creative contribution for the night.  Szechuan Chicken and Fried Rice.  I don't often cook big meals for myself anymore, maybe this will give me motivation to.

July 14

My card reader.  It was just sitting here so I sketched it.  I sketched it upside down because that's how it happened to be lying.  The proportions are a bit off, but overall not bad.

July 13

Pear in oil pastel.  The lines aren't as clean as I would've liked, but I'm fairly happy with the blending and shading.

July 12

These are flowers that I found near a park at work.  I like the play of light and shadow on the red flowers on in the one on the bottom.  At some point maybe I'll know the names of the flowers I photograph.

July 11

The word is done!  Now I just have to figure out the color scheme for 2013.

July 10

More photography.  I will admit, I'm struggling a bit with creativity lately.  Not feeling much like being creative.  I'm hoping it'll pass.

July 9

Flowers in the morning.  I'm liking the last photo the best.  I like the difference in texture.