Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 9

Field and Farm.  That's what I put into google's image search.  I found a picture of a farm and field somewhere in England.  Here's the original photo for reference.

This is the first time I've tried to paint any kind of structure.  It's also the first time I went looking for a photo to base something off of.  I was a little worried at first.  I thought that there was no way that it would look at all like the reference picture.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  At first the could were far too uniform, then there was a point where there were too many harsh lines of shading.  I continued fussing with them and somewhere in all the fussing they took shape.  It probably sounds funny, but I am actually most proud of the fence.  It took very precise controlled strokes to get it to come out right.  Actually, I take it back.  I like the whole thing.

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  1. you do very well with paint! It looks good! I would try and draw a lot more from photos too! It really helps when your looking at a subject matter! <3 Great job <3 I like I Like!!