Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28

Well it was bound to happen at some point.  I came home, exhausted from fighting full moon madness in a preschool classroom and was so tired not only did I not know what to create, I really had no desire to.  Many thanks to my wonderful sister who sat there and threw ideas at me until I gave in to one.  So I present you with my first photographic entry.

 A small doll on a my little pony.  Specifically, a Fairyland Puki Puki Sugar (Gracie) and a custom tribal belly dance My Little Pony made by my sister.  It took a while to get the lighting right and I screwed it up a few times.  I also had a white backdrop at first.  You couldn't really see the pony and it just looked weird.  On to March!

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  1. You did great! i love the pic!! Gracie looks great on the Tribal pony :3 So cute! <3 <3