Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 8

This is my first attempt at a snow scene.  Overall, I'm happy.  However, I really need to learn how to mix white paint.  I used almost an entire tube of white on this and there was a lot left over.  I also wish I hadn't made such a big color different between the snow under the trees and what I put over the base of the trees.  I feel it's a little too dark.  Also, you can't see it in the photo, but I messed up and took the shadows of the two trees on the left a little too far into the background.  They actually touched the skyline at first.  Then in my attempts to quickly fix the area, I didn't get the paint color matched to the base color of the snow.  It's a case of quicksand.  The harder I struggled to get out of the mistake, the worse I made it.  Next time I leave it as is and comment on it as a for next time note.  For next time, I will work to be way more conscious of the entire area around where I am painting, and not just on the specific subject in isolation.

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