Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23

 I had the day free from class today.  Did I sit around and relax?  Of course not!  I went out and wove for four hours.  The Chicago Weaving School is near my house and I've gone there once before.  The owner Natalie was great and set me loose on a two treadle loom.

I started simply, just going back and forth.  It took a while to get my edges clean; they were very loose.  After I wove for a while, Natalie showed me this:

It's a Leno (lee-no) lace weave.  It involves a bit of hand weaving to twist the warp.  It required a lot of focus to find all the strands of the warp, but it makes a really cool design.  I started twisting four strands.  later I tried twisting twelve.  While bolder, the twelve strands seemed a little harder to control in the weaving.

After four hours, I had my scarf.  Here are some close ups of the different weaves.

Now I have to decide what to do with it.  It's toss up between strutting around in it, and framing sections of it.  Many thanks to Natalie at the Chicago Weaving School.  She's an awesome teacher and the school is a great place to learn.

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