Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21

I didn't have to work today so I treated myself to a long massage with my favorite massage therapist.  The downside is I now feel like a limp noodle and didn't feel much like being creative.  I suppose that's when you have to push through if you really want to make progress on a goal.  This picture is similar to one I did with chalk pastel earlier this month.  I wish I had used lighter colors on the hill in the foreground.  Initially, the grass was looking very muddy.  I ended up using the corner of my fingernail to scratch back out some of the color and restore some depth.  The area around the tree is also muddier than I would've liked.  My fingers where not as precise when blending as I needed them to be.  I like the over shading of the tree, but I need to learn how to integrate branches without them looking like they're just laying on top.

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  1. Remind me when i see you, to teach you a tree trick XD <3