Monday, March 25, 2013

March 24

Went to Lincoln Square Pottery for their two hour weekend workshop ( )  It was so much fun.  The instructor Ed is a trip.  He's one of those people who make you say, I want to be that cool when I'm in my sixties.  He's awesome and tells the best stories.  Anyways, we learned how to make a slab-built pitcher.  It was really cool, working the air bubbles out of the clay, pressing it with the big press, in my case pressing a pattern into it, cutting and assembling, and finally applying a glaze color.  I chose a pale blue because I was warned that if I used a darker color the pattern wouldn't show as well.  I had to leave it there to be fired and glazed.  When I get it I'll post an updated final picture.  A random side note:  The second picture at the top is the cloth used to put the clay through the presser and then work on.  I was really amused that they are all Dragon Dice mats.  Made me smile.  I've missed my dad a lot the last couple days.

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