Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 14

More fun with pouring medium.  I managed to get some squeeze bottles so I can control the pouring more than just out of the side of a plastic bowl.  It was fun.  At one point I had a bottle in each hand and was just swirling all over the place.  I felt like a kid.  After I had all these colors I got a toothpick and started swirling within the puddles.  It's a psychedelic mess, but it was fun.  I painted the background white this time because when I painted on black I learned that the medium makes the paint dry slightly transparent so the colors seemed a little dingy.  When the paint on this dried the places that hadn't been mixed were bright, but it seems as though the colors that I swirled with the toothpick continued to blend together after I was done.  Those colors still seemed to dry muddy, but the unblended ones remained very bright.  More fun to come later.

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