Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

I found this idea on Pintrest a while back,  I thought it was cool, but didn't honestly think it would work.  This is a post card I sent to my sister via USPS.  It was made using a big sponge cut into a wedge shape.  I created a narrow channel using a utility knife.  The whole thing was then spray painted brown.  Walking into an art supply store and telling them you're looking for chocolate cake brown is interesting.  After that dried I traced, cut out and attached the postcard component.  I was proud to have thought of writing on it before gluing it on.  Once the glue dried it was time to frost the cake.  The frosting is made using caulk.  I actually bought a caulk gun to frost a sponge.  Weird.  Using a ziploc for piping, I filled the channel and smoothed it, then got to work on the rest of the cake.  First you cover it, then you swirl it using a toothpick or in my case a coffee stirrer.  I didn't really think the end result would be accepted by the post office.  After a raised eyebrow postage was attached and 5 days later it arrived in my sister's mailbox!

This is the tutorial I followed:

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